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Sometimes when my mom calls me from downstairs and I have absolutely NO idea what she said, I shout back “OK” and hope that’s enough. 

-nuzzles into your neck-

"Kinda... It totally wasn't me slaving over the new art project and my remedies I was making," he muttered quietly though he knew it was most likely that cause and for not going to bed earlier.

Shannon rolled his eyes. “You and Jared both. Y’work too hard sometimes.”

Well I hope it kicks in for you soon :) thank you xo

//-pretending one of those echelon is you-

"Please keep doing that, my back is sore," he mumbled before kissing his neck while he grasped the sides of the shirt Shannon was wearing.

"You sleep funny or something?" He asked, continuing the motion as requested

Anything I can do to help? I'm actually great xD

Nah. I took a painkiller earlier, I’ll be alright. I’m glad you’re doin’ good. 

"Shaaaaaaaaaaanon," he whined and crawled into the drummers lap before nuzzling his face into his neck.

"Hey babe." Shannon grinned, rubbing the feline’s spine gently.

How you doing?

a little achey and tired but mostly good. you?